The Association

The project S/S Orions vänner was formed 1992. Through the association, it has been possible to build up a wide network of contacts, which has contributed to making this marine history project possible

The goal is for the management of S/S Orion in the future to take the form of a foundation to ensure the ship's further maintenance and operation. This foundation, whose name is Orion af Stockholm, shall be under the administration of a board based in Stockholm.

All members and other interested parties are always welcome on board for a visit.

The steam ship was ordered for preservation the year 2003 by Swedish National Maritime Museums.

Want to join the association?

Pay the member fee of 100 sek to Plusgirot: 57 20 27-01 and send your name, phone number and address to

Welcome onboard!

Come and visit

S/S Orion is moored due north of Skeppholmsbron. More details.

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