Drawings and Technical data

NameOrion af Stockholm
Ship TypeSalvage steamship
Signal DesignationSMYF
Built byHelsingborgs Varfs AB, 1929
About the ship
Length32 meters
Width6 meters
Depth2.8 meters
Tonnage155 gross register ton
Coalboxes2, total 32 m³ = 25 ton coal
Cargo hold47 m³
Freshwater16,4 m³
BallastJärntackor, 9 ton under lastrum, 3 ton under salongsdurk och 1,4 ton i kolboxar
Rig2 masts in steel
Steam winch1 st. Capacity 3 tons lift in single line
Anchor1 stock anchor, 500 kg. 2 patent anchors 300 kg and 100 kg respectively
LightingElectric, 220 volts, originally 24 volts
Main machineryCompound steam engine with the unique Ferdinand Flodman Slidesystem
Auxiliary steam enginesSix auxiliary steam engines for generator, pumps, anchor winches, etc.
OutputMain engine 180 ihp (indicated horse power) normal speed, 127 rpm. 340 ihp at 157 rpm, which corresponds to approximately 200 100 watts.
Speed9 knots at 340 ihp
CondenserFreestanding surface condenser
Compound steam engineBuilt together with the ship
Heating area90,25 m
PropellerFour-bladed in steel
Coal consumption250 kg/hour when developing 250 hp and a steam pressure of 10 kg

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