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Youth activities


Young on the right track

The non-profit association, Projekt S/S Orion's friends, runs the project "Young people on the right track" with the aim of meeting the needs of socially vulnerable young people for support and development. It uniquely combines social work with an interest in our cultural heritage. The business takes place on S/S Orion, Beckholmen.


Stockholm's Youth Service is our main and most important partner. Our organization's collective experience of educational methods for young individuals is successful and has provided a safe and developing environment for many young people. They have sorted out their young lives and returned to a good life in society.

Extension to Ekerö

S/S Orion's association is currently working on preparing for a new youth activity on Ekerö outside Stockholm. 
For this purpose, an open Sailboat purchased, access to a beach will be prepared as well as a ramp, boat house and other locations for meetings and activities.

Due to strained finances within the association, there have been delays in completing the youth hall. But we hope that with the help of future grants and support, we can start the work again.

Extension to Ekerö

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